Open Source Projects

All of these projects are hosted on GitHub, their full source and probably some amount of documentation are available for download. Please use them, fork them, and send us pull requests.

Browsermob Proxy

BrowserMob Proxy is a simple utility that makes it easy to capture performance data from browsers, typically written using automation toolkits such as Selenium and Watir.

Leftronic Java API

A Java API to send data to Leftronic dashboards.

Loggly Java Client

Java client to send log statements as structured JSON to your Loggly account.

MongoDB Integration Plugin

A Maven plugin for managing (starting/stopping/prepopulating) a MongoDB instance during integration testing.

PagerDuty Java API

Simple Java API for PagerDuty

SiteBricks Docs Generator

This maven plugin auto-generates documentation for Sitebricks API services.

Open Source Contributions

We also contribute to a bunch of open source projects. Here's a short list of projects we have our grubby mitts in.

Meet the Developers

The happy faces at Neustar Webmetrics who are actively contributing to the world of open source.

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